Heating options to help you go green.

Person repairing a water heaterIf you want to make your life a little ‘greener’, and save some green by being more energy-efficient and be more environmentally responsible, here are some smart heating systems and fuel options to help you do it:

Using propane in your home

  • It has low carbon emissions, is non-toxic, and is naturally clean burning.
  • Helps you lower your carbon footprint as it can be used to generate electricity as well.

Using oil to heat your home

  • You may not think it but it’s a fact - oil is cleaner than ever before! Newer technologies have helped develop options like lower sulfur blends mixed with biofuels.
  • Compared to natural gas over the past few decades, oil has been cleaner and less expensive to burn.

Use biodiesel to fuel your furnace

  • Water coming out of faucet with steamIt’s manufactured using vegetable oil, animal fat, and/or recycled restaurant grease.
  • It’s renewable, biodegradable, and greener than regular home heating oil
  • It can generate electricity like fossil fuel, with less CO2 emissions that contribute to global warming.

Think about using pellet stoves to heat smaller spaces

  • Using renewable fuel like pellets or sawdust. These stoves are more efficient than wood stoves at heating smaller spaces and reduce the need to switch on your regular furnace, lowering emissions and saving energy.

To learn more about these greener home heating systems and fuel options, give us a call today!