Winter storm emergency services.

Yard covered in snow with furniture buried under snow

It always pays to be prepared, so before the winter weather hits, please keep the following in mind:

Making sure that you don’t miss a fuel delivery

  • Please clear your fill-pipe area so we can make your delivery.
  • If you are an automatic delivery customer, rest assured that we’ll be coming as scheduled!

"Wallace got an emergency fuel oil delivery up a mountain in a blizzard. Awesome driver and professional rep. Thank you!"
- Lynn C.

Troubleshooting some common heating system problems.
Use these quick troubleshooting tips if you are experiencing some problems with your heating system:

  • Make sure the oil burner emergency switch is in the ‘ON’ position.
  • The thermostat temperature should be set above your room temperature.
  • Confirm that your circuit breaker is not tripped.
  • Push the oil burner reset button (only once) – pushing the reset button more than one time could create an unsafe condition.

Emergency services.
If you have no heat in your home or are experiencing problems with your heating system, please call our emergency services team at 845.343.6909.

You can rely on us to do whatever we can to keep your heating system up and running during the winter weather.

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