Choosing the right oil company: Don't be fooled by a bargain!

Wallace tech getting into truckWe've all heard the phrase "buyer beware." And it doesn't just apply to retail shopping. When you're shopping around for the best heating oil company, you need to "beware" of exactly what kind of a bargain you might be getting if you choose a discount oil company.

What do you get for your money from a full service heating oil company vs a discount oil company?

Lower priced, discount oil companies normally offer limited services, so while they meet seem like a great 'bargain,' do you really want a heating oil provider that:

  • May not be available after hours, on weekends or holidays.
  • Has just one pricing plan and no payment plan.
  • May have oil supply and delivery issues during heavy use/busy seasons.
  • Might not have as many technicians available to satisfy your service needs, exactly when and where you need them.
  • Has a third party company take care of their services and repairs.

If you answered no to ANY of the above, then a full service heating oil company is definitely the choice for you. Here's why:

Don't be fooled by discount oil companies and lower prices. For real value, total service and peace of mind, a full service heating oil provider is always the best choice.

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Full service versus discount oil company infographic