5 signs that you need an AC tune up.

AC units behind a houseGetting an AC tune-up should be something that’s part of your yearly “home care plan”.  But even if you have an AC service plan that includes a tune-up, below are five major warning signs that should alert you that it’s to schedule your tune-up sooner rather than later:

  1. Temperatures are very different in different rooms
  2. Strange or unusual sounds coming from the AC system
  3. Warm – not cool – air is coming out of vents 
  4. Vent airflow is weak
  5. Humidity fluctuation and mold-type odors  

tools on top of an AC unitThere may be various causes and reasons for these warning signs, from home insulation issues, sunnier parts of the home than others, clogged filters, drain blockages, and many more. However, most of them can be resolved cheaply and easily by being smart and getting a tune-up as soon as you notice one (or more) of them. Doing this will help prevent them from becoming much larger problems and potentially much more expensive to repair.

If you think you might need an AC tune-up, please call our local home service experts today. Our AC technicians are always available to help you with tune-ups and any other AC emergency repairs and service - 24/7!  

If you don’t have a service plan, consider getting one today as most include an annual AC tune-up. A service plan will give you the peace of mind you need knowing that your AC system is running effectively and efficiently all summer long.

Please contact us today to choose which of our comprehensive services plans is right for you.