Ductless mini-split heat pumps.


Most people are familiar with ductless mini-split systems as a home air conditioning solution. However, these systems also function as a heat pump, providing an energy-efficient heating solution, too.

How ductless mini-split heat pumps work:

  • Unlike traditional heating systems that use electricity to heat directly, these systems use electricity to move heat from one place to another.
  • Low-pressure liquid refrigerant is vaporized in the heat pump’s evaporator, which then passes into the compressor. When the refrigerant pressure rises, the temperature rises, too.
  • The heated refrigerant then passes through a condenser coil within the water storage tank, transferring heat to the stored water there.

Benefits of a ductless mini-split heat pump:

  • They are compact, quiet and more flexible to heat specific home locations.
  • More economical than a traditional system that generates heat for your entire home rather than specific locations.
  • Functions as an air filter.
  • Provides humidity control
  • Comes with a wireless remote and timer for ease and convenience.

Ductless mini-split heat pump installation and repair services

Call 845.343.6909 and one of our heat pump equipment experts will come to visit you to provide a no obligation assessment and discuss the best size and type of energy-efficient ductless mini-split system required to best fit your home and budget. Our team is also available 24/7 to take care of any of your heat pump system installation and repair needs – in any weather!

Ductless mini-split systems

Fujitsu is our preferred ductless mini-split system manufacturing partner. Choose which EnergyStar qualified and rated wall mounted heat pump system is best to heat your water and help you save.


Fujitsu Systems 9RLFW1, 12RLFW1

  • cb_minisplit
  • Fujitsu Systems 9RLFW1, 12RLFW1

    Energy-efficient, wall mounted units designed for single room use.

    Learn more

Fujitsu System 18RLXFX, 24RLXFW

  • cb_minisplit
  • Fujitsu System 18RLXFX, 24RLXFW

    Energy-efficient units, perfect for medium-sized areas where spot cooling or heating is required.

    Learn more

Fujitsu 30RLX

  • cb_minisplit
  • Fujitsu 30RLX

    Energy-efficient, ultra-compact for maximum comfort and energy savings in 30% less space

    Learn more

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