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Meenan Security & Protection Services

Meenan Total Home Security & Protection Services
We’re the company that you can trust to take care of all your home comfort needs. But you can also trust us to provide you with total peace of mind. Our range of Meenan home security systems and products have everything you need to help you make sure that you protect what’s most important in your life - your home and family.

Meenan Security Services & Plans
We believe that taking care of your family and home isn't just your responsibility, it's ours, too. By installing a Meenan Home Security System we can help you enjoy total peace of mind while protecting what's important in your life. As the name you trust for total home comforts, you can also rest assured that our range of home security services and helpful tips will help you ensure that your home and family remains safe and secure.
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Honeywell Lynx Touch Security and Home Automation System 
Honeywell’s Lynx Touch is a dynamic home security system that protects your family, property and possessions while letting you control your security system, thermostats, lighting, door locks and more! The power to protect everything in your home - right at your fingertips!

  • Control your security system from home via a full color, touch screen.
  • Add Total Connect and use your wireless enabled cell phone or tablet devices to control your security, indoor temperatures, lighting and door locks whether at home or away!
  • Two-way voice interaction.

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Medical, Fire & Other Protection Services
Ensure that you and your loved ones are completely safe and protected at home 24/7, whether you're at home or away. Our range of security equipment enhancement options have all of the home protection and safety features that you need. These enhanced security services include Medical Alert, Fire Protection, Environmental Protection, GSM Cellular Back-up and Total Connect, an online virtual keypad that allows you to remotely operate your security system and receive text messages and video alerts of important events in your home.
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Inspection Services
To help you take the preventative measures you need to ensure that your family and home are safe, Meenan Home Security Services also provides an annual inspection service. Take the preventative measures you need to ensure that your family and home are safe, with our inspection services.
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Security Special Offers
Make sure to get the best that Meenan home security services has to offer at the prices you want and take advantage of our special offers.
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Security System Guide & Troubleshooting
Need help with your home security system? You can use our guide to get help on Meenan security system features. Get answers to many of the more common questions on how to operate your system, learn how to take care of it and more.
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Security Tips
We have lots of quick and easy tips that you can take to prevent yourself from becoming another burglary statistic, during the holiday season and throughout the year.
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Additional Security Information

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